YouTube video demo 2

You are in a hurry and just wish to quickly post a link to a YouTube video but don’t want to go to through the hassles of embedding that video.
And you want that video to be played on your site and not on YouTube page.
Is this possible?
It is possible! No worries! And it’s easy too!

All you need to do is add {:.glightbox} at the end of the YouTube video link.
An example. Following snippet will result in a video link.

[Spring - Blender Open Movie]({:.glightbox}

Spring - Blender Open Movie

Click on the link above and the video will get played right on this page.

Vimeo and Dailymotion links work the same way too.

Cool, Ain’t it!?!

 Date: July 11, 2021
 Tags:  video demo

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