Spotify playlist demo

You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their playlist.
~ Dan Mulligan (Begin Again)

Embeding a spotify playlist is easy.
All you need to do is add the id of the spotify playlist in front matter block of your post like this,

spotifyplaylist: 2iaDUy0RVHVy2XxvQFnEBc

Where 2iaDUy0RVHVy2XxvQFnEBc is the id of the playlist you want to embed.

Next add following snippet at a place in your post where you want the playlist to appear,

{% include spotifyplaylist.html id=page.spotifyplaylist %}

And this is how it will look in your post,

Music is a healer for heart, body & soul.

 Date: July 9, 2021
 Tags:  playlist spotify

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